Left Brain or Right Brain?

My Results
Left Brain Dominance:    14 (14)
Right Brain Dominance:  11 (11)

The higher of these two numbers indicates which side of the brain has dominance in one’s life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others. Which one are you?

I’m an ESTP

Flexible and tolerant, they take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results. Theories and conceptual explanations bore them – they want to act energetically to solve the problem. Focus on the here-and-now, spontaneous, enjoy each moment that they can be active with others. Enjoy material comforts and style. Learn best through doing.

MBTI® Basics

What the heck is kombucha?

Surviving Whole Foods


My Mom ate white bread, cooked with real fat and would have probably assumed that a place with the name Whole Foods was a farm stand. And while she was a little bit nuts when she died at the young age of 92, we’d be lucky to be half as healthy as she was. I seriously doubt she ever tasted whole wheat bread, much less a substitute for it. I do remember she once bought a jar of Oil of Olay, but gave it away something like 10 years later unused. And if you dared to Namaste her, she’d probably be tempted to smack you for sassing.