Eliminate PC Errors in Minutes

Buy a Mac.

Seriously… some spammer just sent me an email with that subject line advertising a product that will identify and eliminate errors, restore performance and stabilize Windows.

Here’s what I really don’t get.

Say you go spend your hard-earned cash for a new oven… or a new washing machine — doesn’t really matter what it is. But it’s manufactured by Acme, Inc. and every six months it starts giving you trouble… and every six months, you need to go through some routine to eliminate problems that should never have occurred in the first place.

Next time you need a new oven or washing machine, are you really going to buy another Acme? Do you really believe you’re stuck with Acme because you don’t know how to operate another brand?

Wake up people… if it hurts when you bang your head against a wall, stop banging your head against the wall.

Texting and Driving Don’t Mix

I can’t believe anyone would actually consider doing this. Studies show that texting while driving is as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you should be concentrating on driving. If you feel the “need” to text, get off the road. If you can’t resist the urge to text and drive, you should probably seek professional help.

Political Hypocrisy’s Finest Hour

Prior to the 2004 Presidential election, the law in Massachusetts required unexpectedly vacated Senate seats to be temporarily filled by choice of the Governor. John Kerry’s seat would have been vacant if he were elected President, so the Massachusetts legislature simply changed the law — preventing Republican Governor Mitt Romney from possibly appointing a Republican.

Shortly before the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s death, he asked the state legislature to change the law back to what it was — allowing current Democratic Governor Deval Patrick to possibly appoint a Democrat.

In the weeks before Senator Kennedy’s death, he argued that the state of Massachusetts deserved to be fully represented in the U.S. Senate. I agree completely. But the Senator was diagnosed with brain cancer in May, 2008. If he was so devoted to Massachusetts, why didn’t he pressure the legislature to hold a special election in January, 2009 at which time he would step down?