Day 1: Shock & Devastation

We’ve always assumed we’ll live longer than our pets. It’s just the natural order of things. But we also hope with all our hearts that they’ll live out their full canine lives happy and painless.

And when you least expect it, someone drops the C-bomb. Our Leonberger Phoebe has been diagnosed with canine osteosarcoma in her left metatarsus.
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It’s Party Time!

Pampered Chef Party, that is.

First up… Feeding America is a domestic hunger relief organization that helps provide hungry families with the food they need through a huge network of food banks across the country. The keyword here is “domestic”, folks. Now that summer is here, we have an untold number of kids who aren’t getting the benefit of the discounted breakfasts and lunches provided when school’s in session.

So The Pampered Chef has teamed up with Feeding America to make their summer a happier and healthier one by donating a portion of their trivet sales during the month of June.

Then, there’s the rest of the show… loads of cooks tools and fabulous stuff for everyday and entertaining pleasure for both indoors and patio.

So come join the party! Have fun!