I ♥ New Hampshire, but I ♥ the people even more…

Tom and I knew that New Hampshire was a nice place before we moved here in 1998. When I say “nice”, I’m not talking about pretty or clean — although the state is all of those things and more. I’m talking about people. The people who live here are just nice… and when I tend to not think about it, there’s always someone waiting to remind me.

When we put in the pool last summer, we had to cut down a bunch of trees. We barely got them sectioned and stacked before winter settled in and we’re just now getting rid of them. I finally managed to convince Tom he just didn’t need 40 years worth of firewood, so I posted to craigslist and the phone calls started pouring in.

One day I got a call from a guy who makes himself 4 or 5 gallons of maple syrup every spring. He came and picked up a small load… then came back a few days later and brought us a pint of syrup.

This morning, I got a visit from a husband and wife woodworking team and they brought me a TUIT (see below if you don’t know what a TUIT is). As if that wasn’t enough, when they came back to pick up their tractor they brought me two of the most beautiful maple bowl (New Hampshire maple, of course).

All told, trucks have been in and out almost every day for the past week and other than the fact that the wood piles are a lot smaller, you can’t even tell they’ve been here.

New Hampshire folks may have equals, but there are none better!

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