And so FeeBee’s recovery begins…

CAVES called this morning. They said Feebs was relatively comfortable throughout the night, but very lethargic and not eating. They also suggested that we may want to leave her there another day because she was going to be difficult for us to handle.

We decided to delay that decision until we had a chance to see for ourselves.

We went to visit around mid-morning, had a bit of *luv* time and attempted to take her for a short walk. It’s true that she didn’t want to move and was pretty much 115 pounds of dead weight… but she seemed to be a bit more motivated with us there, so we decided to bring her home.

She perked up a little when we pulled into the driveway, but getting her into the house was a struggle. My best guess is that it’s going to take a lot of work to get her to even try to support herself with that back leg.

She’s depressed and we are scared.

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