Martha Catherine Adams March 31, 1914 – June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Mother.
It’s sure to be the best one yet.
Though you left me here behind,
Did you think that I’d forget?

Your cake this year will surely be
A beauty to behold,
With the icing made of Silver
And the candles made of Gold.

Yes, your birthday in Heaven
Will be such a grand affair.
And I know you’ll look so lovely
With a halo in your hair.

The Angels will come from everywhere
To sing your birthday song,
And I know they’ll be so happy
That you’ve joined God’s Happy Throng.

No, I can’t send a card this year
Or give a gift so fine.
So I’ll just send a special prayer,
To that wonderful mother of mine.

By Winnie Lovett 1968

Happy Birthday, Mom. We miss you!

Winnie Lovett’s Poems

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