Do we still get what we pay for?

I have house guests coming this weekend so I’m freshening up the guest rooms. When I was laying out the towels, I grabbed my favorite set just like I always do… and I spent a few seconds checking for frays — just like I always do.

You see, my favorite set of towels is 21 years old. I bought them when I purchased my first home. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, but I couldn’t afford them — so I bought one set out of one paycheck and another set out of the next one. For ten years, they were used daily and went in the washer and dryer weekly. They’re Martex Liberty of London, just in case you’re curious.

Since then, they’ve been used by guests several times a year. I’m sure they’ve faded a little, but they still look brand new.

I’ll bet you my favorite set of towels there isn’t a manufacturer out there today — including Martex — who’d promise their towels would last for 2 years, let alone 20.

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