It doesn’t matter whether Android is better than IOS

The problem has never been Android. Android is Android and IOS is IOS. They’re just different.

The problem is the device manufacturers and software publishers. For two years I went through a cycle where my Motorola Droid wouldn’t pair with my Garmin GPS. Every software update on one side or the other broke connectivity. Garmin blamed it on Moto and Moto blamed it on Garmin and it was broken more often than it worked.

My two year old iPhone has never failed to connect — not once.

Moral of the story: When it comes to technology, being better doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t work, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s genius or a piece of crap.

For every market, there’s an equal anti-market.

Apple Is Doomed!

Not. The Motley Fool is living up to its name in the Doug Erhman interview.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at the past successes and failures of Microsoft, Google, HP and others to realize that new and different is not always new and better, and certainly not always a consistent measure of the person at the helm.

Me thinks that maybe Erhman should be ousted for not answering the questions with anything of substance.

Has anyone stopped to think that while the pundits are manufacturing doom and gloom out of the rumors about release delays for an imaginary (unannounced) product (iWatch)? Or a CEO that hasn’t wow’d the tech community in two OMG-that’s-way-too-long years? After all, isn’t it obvious that Steve Jobs invented, developed and released all of his cool gadgets in mere weeks or months?

I’m secretly hoping that Wall Street bets the farm on this bit of news and Apple’s stock takes a nose dive. Because I believe that Steve Jobs was a really smart guy… smart enough that in those ten years he was grooming his successor, he may have actually planned for a few surprises to emerge after his death. And I’m still hoping for a chance to redeem myself for not buying Apple at $90.