Thought For The Day: No one promised that life would be easy

Remember when we started handing out participation trophies? Remember when grief counselors on college campuses were handing out teddy bears to comfort students who under other circumstance would have been considered adults? Remember when protesters were allowed to burn down cities because their rage was justified? Remember when organizations run by liberals and activists held company meetings where employees cried because they didn’t like the results of an election?

Now, we have teachers asserting undue influence over someone else’s child without parental consent or knowledge under the guise of helping them feel more comfortable in their body.

News flash: Puberty is hard. Puberty is supposed to be hard. It has always been hard. And scary. And confusing. And normal. How will society respond in ten years if we learn that children were subjected to unnatural actions to avoid the normal cycle of growing up? That they would have been just fine if we had just loved them, and supported them, and left things alone until they were old enough to make adult decisions? “Oops… sorry… I really thought you were meant to be transgender.”

There is no universe where any of this is okay. Please pray for our kids and their future. I can only hope that clearer heads will ultimately prevail.


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