Garlic Shrimp and Tomatoes

One pan. 20 minutes. The perfect meal for a hot summer day.


1 tbsp. olive oil
1-2 c. cherry tomatoes
4-7 tbsp. fresh basil, dill, and parsley
1 lb. large raw shrimp
1 tbsp. garlic
3 tbsp. butter
2 tbsp. fresh squeezed orange juice
2 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice


Cut cherry tomatoes in half and set aside.

Chop herbs and set aside.

Mince the garlic.

Peel and devein the shrimp.


Preheat oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add half the herbs and toss for 30 seconds. Add the tomatoes and sauté until tender. Remove to a warm plate.

Add 2 tbsp. butter to the hot pan. Increase heat to medium-high. When melted, add the garlic and remaining herbs. Sauté for 30 seconds. Add shrimp and sauté until done — still firm, but pink and no longer translucent. This will take 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the shrimp. Remove to the warm plate.

Add the remaining 1 tbsp. butter to the pan. When melted, add the lemon juice and whisk until well combined and smooth. Return the tomatoes and shrimp to the pan. Toss until well coated.

Serve over pasta or rice.


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