America has lost it’s ambition? Really?

We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge.

— President Obama at a fundraiser in San Francisco on Tuesday October 25, 2001.

I’m sorry Mr. President, but I haven’t lost anything. And I have a problem with any politician who gets on a stage and tries to convince me I’m a big fat zero.

Here’s a thought: What if we spent all of what we borrow on interests here at home instead of giving a significant portion of it to another country in the form of foreign aid. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for us helping our allies in times of need, but borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is not fiscal responsibility in a weak economy.

Town Hall With Kelly Ayotte in Bow, NH

It was a little reminiscent of the 1992 Presidential election where Ross Perot would take the stage and whip out his charts and graphs. All in all, it was a good, informative event. It’s a shame the turnout was a little light, though. There are a lot of people who would have benefited from having the big, government analysis broken down into terms that every one can understand.

There was definitely an audible reaction in the room when Senator Ayotte compared the U.S. deficit, debt and spending to a person who makes $60K a year, borrows another $40K a year and spends in excess of $117K a year. I think some people were actually frightened by it. I’m becoming more convinced that we all need a good dose of fear from time to time.