Is Obama a U.S. citizen or not?

Here’s what I don’t get.

Why would the Governor of Hawaii go to the trouble of sealing Obama’s birth certificate on October 261, months after the Obama campaign posted what they say is a copy2 of it?

And is it just a coincidence that the Governor of Hawaii sealed the birth certificate a few days after Obama travelled to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother?

Polarik’s analysis3 of the images posted on the Web is certainly enough to raise an eyebrow.

But what’s really disturbing is that there seems to be a critical difference between an original birth certificate and a certificate of live birth. The latter might actually be a document that was prepared when a child is adopted4 with the original one being sealed under court order.

I’ve pretty much concluded that Obama’s refusal to produce his birth certificate more than warrants all of the speculation about what he’s hiding.



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