Obama’s Pilot Exam

Last November, I speculated on the skills Obama would need to fly our country:

Executing drastic corrections too quickly can be fatal.

The phrase “slow down” does not exist in Obama’s vocabulary. Between the Wall Street bailout, what he’s done to the auto industry, the stimulus package and what he’ll do to health care if he succeeds in getting his way, he’s dug us a hole big enough to bury the moon.

Autopilot only works if you know where you’re going.

I’ll give him credit for one thing. He has kept his promise about taking this country in a new direction. Now if he could only tell us what that direction is.

Losing your focus when you hit bad weather can be fatal.

He gave a boat load of money to Wall Street with no strings attached, punished the auto industry and wants to provide health insurance to illegal aliens and people who’ve chosen not to have it. Exactly what problems is he trying to solve?

You need both a right wing and a left wing and they have to work together.

He’s done nothing to unify Congress, although he has a perfect opportunity: If he can fire Rick Wagoner (CEO of General Motors), he can sure as hell fire Nancy Pelosi.

The person you put in the right seat needs to be prepared to take over.

Joe who? Google for Biden in the news… you won’t find anything that’s newsworthy. You will find that the English language has acquired a new word: Bidenism In the long run, I suppose his silence is a good thing.

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