IQ Check: Fox News is well-informed

More to the point, they want us to be well-informed.

I’m always amazed at the number of people who are quick to quote some out-of-context news snippet as a complete, unadulterated truth… placing 100% faith in their favorite news source without ever questioning whether they’re getting complete and unbiased information.

If you point your browser to Fox News Tools, you’ll be able to download a desktop video player for Fox News Live. In addition to a live feed for Fox News Radio, there are other live video feeds for important happenings like the commissioning ceremony for the USS New York and the floor proceedings for the health care debates that have been going on for most of the day.

These feeds are not limited to what Fox News wants you to see… they’re live feeds from some video camera that simply streams what’s going on straight to your computer without commentator interruptions. To use a cliche for which Fox is often criticized, I’d call that pretty fair and balanced.

So now you have a choice. You can continue to be ignorant and refuse to watch just because it’s big, bad Fox News who’s only goal is to undermine the Obama administration or you can grow up and start acting like a responsible adult by reaching out to get the information you need to make better informed decisions.

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