The Truth About Obamacare

What truth? I think the title of this article sums it up pretty accurately: The Election Is Tomorrow, and Americans Still Don’t Understand Obamacare.

Love has been extremely outspoken in her opposition to Obamacare and her desire to see it repealed, even though she hasn’t proposed any reasonable alternative plans. (When asked about her own health care proposals during the event, Love offered up measures that had already been passed as part of Obamacare.)

That’s not all that surprising. I think most people regardless of party would admit there are some reasonable if not good things in the bill. But anyone who says they’ve read the entire thousands of pages and agrees with every point is either a toe-the-party-line push-over who doesn’t understand economics or lying.

I’m in the camp that wants it repealed. Not because I think it’s all bad… but because I think the bad parts are really, really, really bad.

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