Rose Trellis Stitch Pattern Adapted For 24-Stitch Punchcard Knitting Machines

This is a 24-stitch version of the classic Rose Trellis stitch pattern suitable for punchcard knitting machines with transfer-only lace carriages (i.e., Brother).

 Rose Trellis Chart

By adding 4 stitches, the motif also got a bit taller… so I had to make the center motif a bit taller as well to make it looks more like the original. The smaller “flower” had too much stockinette inside the trellis and it just didn’t look right to me.

The download includes a punchcard template as well as a DAK file that should work on electronic machines. Note that the punch card is 104 rows… so you’ll either need a card roll or you’ll need to connect 2 standard-length cards. Also note that the punchcard is only suitable for Brother lace carriages. It will not work on a Silver Reed, Studio or Singer.

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