Inner Beauty Hot Sauce

I went Googling a few months ago looking for hot sauce recipes and kept coming across comments from people who were raving about Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. You’ll find numerous recipes on the web, some claiming to be the original, with all of them getting a broad range of reviews as to whether they’re authentic.

If you’re into making your own hot sauce, I’m not sure it matters which one you try… but the only thing that turned me off was that it calls for mangos. Number one, I’ve never been all that fond of mangos. Number two, I live in a small town and mangos just aren’t something we can buy at the local grocery store — not to mention the fact that for a few months of the year, we have access to wonderful local produce… like the apple orchard down the road that has a few peach trees.

So I decided to swap out the mangos for peaches. It’s absolutely awesome. If you like mustard-based hot sauces, it’s definitely worth trying a few recipes and experimenting. You might want to be a little cautious, though… the recipe I used called for ten habaneros — I learned that six is plenty.

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