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  • Search for “12-stitch” or “24-stitch” to find stitch patterns and templates containing 12 or 24 stitches. Or search for “24×60” to find all punchcard templates and DAK files for patterns having 24 stitches and 60 rows. Or search for “punchcard” to find all 12 and 24 stitch punchcard templates.
  • Search for “brother” to find punchcards sold with Brother machines and publications. Or search for 820 to find stitch patterns sold or published for the KH820.
  • Search for “dak” to find all DAK stitch pattern files. Or search for “template” to find punchcard templates you can use to punch your own cards.
  • Search for “2015” to find files added this year. Or search for “2015.03” to find files added in March.”
  • Search for multiple terms to refine the list… search for “2015.03 12-stitch template” to find all 12-stitch templates added in March, 2015.

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